Lights, camera, action: sound stage proposed for Wilmington’s 7th Street peninsula

An artist’s rendering of Light Action’s proposed sound stage and film / TV production proposal for the 7th Street Peninsula in Wilmington

Near the point where the Brandywine meets the Christina in Wilmington, a New Castle company hopes to build a warehouse of studios and a 95 foot soundstage, which would be called The Pine Box.

Light Action Productions made its plans known Friday. President Scott Humphrey said the 150,000-square-foot facility would be located on 10 acres of property along the 7th Street Peninsula. The sound stage, according to Humphrey, would be lit up and be visible from I-495.

Mayor Mike Purzycki said the property is suitable for such a large project.

“There aren’t that many places in the city where you can find a piece of property that large, especially for a company of Scott’s size, with the need for external parking, all his big rigs, storage and equipment,” Purzycki said. “We wanted to do everything we could to make the site attractive, but there was no particular assistance from us other than the commitment that we will improve road access at the site.”

Humphrey first provided the details to Out and About Magazine.

“This sound stage will be for crews and companies that are either doing pre-production on a Broadway musical, or for a touring band that’s about to go out on the road, or for film or TV crews,” Humphrey said. “We’ve looked at moving to the city for a while, and I think this space will bring a sort of organic energy and lots of opportunity to the area.”

The building would include warehouse space, studios, conference rooms, office space and the sound stage. Humphrey indicated he has spoken with others about possible future projects such as a restaurant, a bar or a possible hotel.

Groundbreaking for the sound stage project is expected to take place by the end of the year. A grand opening tentatively would be held in late 2019.

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